(Readers: non-IT technical people, architects, possible users)

So what can I do with the 'home digital twin' solution framework from IoTPlay?

Once installed, the configuration tools is used to integrate multiple stand-alone monitoring & control solutions in places such as home-, small factory-, and farm, by using new and emerging vendors building blocks such as Sonoff, Shelly, Adafruit and others, which operates on the latest techie compliant standards.

We have proven integration into Shelly's energy monitoring device, whilst leaving there app in tact if the client also wants to use that. With this integration, we could intelligently switch other devices to optimize energy usage. Our platform, based on well defined open source standards, can also integrate with Victron Energy solar control solutions.

The 'digital twin' will constantly monitor the conditions of your controlled place, report the state to an admin web page, but also interact with other systems, such as   Apple's built-in 'home' app, based on HomeKit, and in future to Telegram Messenger, which we already proved on an R&D project. From these two platforms, the user can control the place, or intelligent rules engine can do that without the user. The 'rules engine' have also been proven in an R&D project, a future release will include it. See the building blocks in the picture above.