As I am busy using my home automation system to prove IoT application concepts, I upgraded my node-red User Interface to the latest Node - UI Dashboard, not yet released but available from github here, (will be released in the next days it seams...).

I did it after trying three other dashboard node-red nodes, I must say, this one is super slick, configurable, and easy to use. Thanks goes to opens source developers - that pulled all this together over the last year, well done to @andrei-tatar, @nolleary, @dceejay and @natcl  !

Below, the landing screen of the app in my house goes to temperature inside and outside, the amount of hot water used, for a target of 180L for the day, the amount targeted for the week (now mid-Sunday - and Sunday is the 1st day of the week.) The second screen - inside, and outside temp line graph last hours, and the 3rd screen where more detail of hot water used can be viewed, with an override button to switch the geyser on/off override to the published schedule.

I blogged previously that 'Analytics' is part of IoT. This is analytics, making information available - but their are several types of analytics. This being 'Descriptive' Analytics. "Analytics, which use data aggregation and data mining techniques to provide insight into the past and answer: “What has happened?” "

Now I can carry on with the rest of my plans, had to get here.....

(Originally posted on IoTPlay blogspot on 24 July 2016)